Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How I Know Eveything Will Work Out?

Because there is always someone worse of than you
Because if you are a good person, good things will come your way
Because there are more important things to stress about
Because it wasn't meant to be 
Because everything happens for a reason
Because there is always a way to get what you want
Because you are being tested
Because you need to lose things to appreciate them
Because it's always darkest before the dawn
Because you can make everything work out, it's your life.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Going Back To School/College?

The problem at the start of every year involving education, you promise yourself that this is the year you're going to make an effort, a week later, old habits die hard. I've compiled a list of things to do this year to make the most of the school year.

Vision the Bigger Picture
I really wished I had done this when I started my A-Levels. I would sit in class and completely zone out and think about unicorns. It may be hard to do the work you should do or to listen when you're bored out of your mind but think about how it could impact your future. That should, hopefully, give you the kick in the butt you need to realise that a few moments of 'torture' would be completely beneficial to how well you succeed in the future, whatever you want to do.

All Work and No Play May Turn You Into a Murderer
MAY! I'm just going off what I've seen on TV. Anyway, study hard, give 100% to your work but don't let that be who you are. Go out and enjoy yourself. These years of school may be important but we should form good memories from them. We should be able o reminisce and think about how much fun we had with our friends, no one tells stories about the fun they had with their text books. The important thing to remember is time management. That's really the key.

Don't Hesitate Asking For Help
This was the biggest problem for me. I never asked for help, even when I felt that I wanted to crawl into a whole and be left alone. There's no shame in asking for help, no one will judge you. No one understands everything straight away, sometimes all it takes is for a sentence to be reworded or rephrased and boom, you've just passed your Maths exam!

Whatever Happens, It's Not The End of the World
Failing an exam doesn't mean your world is going to collapse. There is never, in life, a point of no return. Never. You can always bounce back with the right attitude. If you fail, so what, you'll try again or you'll find another way to get what you want. My teacher always reassured my class that if we fail an exam, it's not going to define who we are in the future. Exams aren't as important as they are made to be. Sure, they are important, but your whole future shouldn't result on what you wrote on a piece of paper.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Running on a Treadmill

Treadmills are a god send, at least for me. I really would feel that if I ran outside, I would get stabbed, so I play it safe and run on the treadmill and man do I love it. The invention of the treadmill means that we can run 5 miles whilst technically staying on the same spot. However, putting aside all the glory that is the treadmill, there are a few things that should be noted, whether for safety or for a general better experience of running on the treadmill. I have experienced many injuries when it comes down to the treadmill, and all of them are due to my ignorance of what I was running on.

  • Warm up/cool down

Now I'm guilty for skipping warm up because I simply cannot be bothered but DO NOT! Warming up well warms up your body and muscles, making a possibility for injury less likely. Moreover, it can help you be less stiff at the start of a run so you feel more comfortable. I have also found that warming up gets me into the workout mood so I'm ready to tackle the run with a fierce expression. Cooling down is also very important. Simply taking a 5 minute walk after your run slows your body down so there's no sudden you're running one second and then you're standing still. This helps prevent shin splints which are a bitch to get rid of.

  • Don't run the entire run on an incline

This was partly the cause for my two calf strains in a 1 year period. There is a debate about whether we need incline, some say that running on a 0% incline becomes more stressful on the knees and can cause severe injury whereas other's argue that running on incline puts stress on your calf muscles. I choose to, again, play it safe and meet the two arguments half way. When running on my treadmill, I switch my inclines up and down every 2-5 minutes. I never go past 2% because I have never had a desire to do so, but you knock yourself out. However, take note that you should never run on an incline more than 7% for more than 5 minutes, that's just silly.

  • Running shoes

This was also the problem that caused my calf strains. I had the same pair of running trainers for the past 2 years, and they weren't even new then. I never gave my foot apparel too much thought as I didn't think it needed it, but several painful recovery times later, I realise that you should change up your trainers at least once a year, or every 400-500 miles you run. This is to provide support to your foot so that all the force that is taken on your leg when running doesn't mess it up, old shoes just lose their pizazz, once you buy a new pair of trainers, you will feel a very noticable difference.

  • Listen to your body

I'm all about pushing my body to its full potential but I have learned to recognise when my body is asking me to stop running. Don't try to be tough and push pass the pain that's in your leg because I can guarantee it will not get worse before it gets better, it'll just get worse before it gets super worse. The more you run, you'll learn to recognise the soreness vs the pain, but if you're unsure, I say better safe than sorry. Try to run again the next day, if the pain is gone, false alarm, if not, then you better find out what's the issue and deal with it! 

  • Have fun
The only way you're going to stick with running without being miserable is to have fun with it. Listen to your favourite music, you're not outside so take advantage of not getting mugged! Enjoy yourself, find motivations that work for you, imagine a scenery in front of you when you're staring at the wall. I will give you some advice, at the beginning, running doesn't tend to be fun, but I stuck through and now I love it. I recently recovered from my calf strain, which meant that I didn't workout for a week, which almost killed me. Now I'm back running and I almost skip.

*Caution, please refrain from skipping when running on a treadmill, it could result in an injury.

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk Review

I Heart London is the fifth instalment in the 'I Heart' series by the wonderful Lindsey Kelk. Each book follows a different plot but the general gist of I Heart London is Angela (our heroine) is summoned back to London for her mother's 60th birthday after not seeing her parents for 2 years whilst living in New York. She decides to bring her fiance, Alex, to finally meet them, and accompanied by her best friend Jenny but when she gets there, a few surprises catch dear old Angela Clark of guard.

 Before reading this, I would suggest reading the first four books in order to get the true experience of love of them. I heart New York, I heart Hollywood, I heart Paris and I Heart Vegas, just in case you were wondering. I'm not gonna go over the synopsis of the previous books because I assume if you're reading this review, you're interesting in the book therefore you've read the previous books. But you know what they weh

If you are looking for a light read, something that doesn't require any thinking (that sounds insulting but its really not suppose to be), this is perfect. I find myself whizzing through these books and not being able to stop until I've reached the last page and then I realise I have to wait a year for the next instalment and then I curse my non existent control for not savouring every page for as long as possible. Caution, do not read these books when you have exams etc, they are highly addictive.

It is your basic rom/com, chick lit book, except what I love is that everything gets to the point. I usually hate starting a new book because I almost always hate the beginning of books, they seem to drag on and they don't need to, and I just wanna shake the writer and shout C'MON! I heart London (and the rest) pretty much starts where it leaves off and indulges straight into the storyline without any unnecessary stops, Therefore, there's no endless pages of catchup and whatnot. One thing I do like is that Kelk brings up plots and shenanigans of the previous books when mentioned without giving too much away so people who have read the book and are a bit forgetful can think, oh yeah, and those who haven't read it should read the others ones...

I know for sure that there is no way for me to compare I Heart London to the other I Heart books as each book offers new drama that is just as excellent as the last. It made me awww, it made me mutter 'bitch' and it made me laugh. Everything that I would want in a book. If that's what you're looking for, I highly recommend, I Heart London if you have read the previous ones, if not, read the previous books in the series, then I will recommend you this book.

Recommendable? HELL YEAH!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

To Do List Task

I am honestly only making a blog post because I put it on my to-do list today. I have no idea what to blog about, maybe that's why I suck at blogging. Nevertheless, my grammar and punctuation remains intact so it can't be that bad.

Anyhoo, I Heart London has recently been released by Lindsey Kelk, the fifth instalments in the I Heart series. I really adore these books, they're such a light and simple read and so entertaining.

A basic synopsis: Angela (our heroine) flies to London for the mothers birthday after running away to New York for the last 2 years. Her boyfriend, Alex, and best friend, Jenny, come along to finally meet their significant others family. And then cue all the crazy shenanigans that occur!

That's it.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Almost Over!

So I'm procrastinating (again), this time it's Maths revision. So I only have two exams left, Maths tomorrow and Law next week. This has been a tiring 2 weeks and I'm gonna miss college until September but guys, seriously, gaming marathon for three months!!!!

Tomorrow is going to be quite an exciting day, I'm buying things and I'm getting my first ever face piercing! SEPTUM! I've almost chickened out but me and my friend are going together as a kind of celebration for finishing college, even though, technically, I'm not. If I back I now, something dangerous may occur.

Also Eurovision on Saturday. God I'm so excited, I love it. EEEEP!

The weather has been really hot the last 2 days in England. I'm not sure how I feel about that to be honest. It's great, kind of, but recently, I'm more of a rain kind of gal. The period of rain in England was like angels falling from the sky!

So this post has been a little scattered but thanks for reading anyway and have an amazing week!

Monday, 14 May 2012


Summer is almost here. I am almost finished college. That is all.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Exam Tips

It's coming to summer and the smell of exams is in the air. You may be thinking who am I to tell or even suggest how you should study and what to do with your exams? I'm currently in my first year of a-levels and personally, it's not going too great. I said I was going to revise 1 hour and 30 minutes ago. Instead, I watched video game reviews. So since I'm such a lazy-waste-of-space in college, I think I have enough experience to tell you what NOT to do, rather than what to do.

  • Cram
Speaking from experience, I've gotten better results when I've crammed for exams. This obviously isn't for everyone so if you haven't received positive results in the past, this is a no-no. I've found if I revise a few weeks or so before the exam, the knowledge kind of sinks out, but if I cram, it's all fresh. What I'm definitely not saying is leave looking over your notes to the day before, I just mean don't do your hardcore revision weeks in advance, it's just gonna come out of the other end....
  • Do your best in your first sets of exams
I, crap-ily, got pretty bad grades for my January exams. Now I'm resitting all of them plus my new exams. That's 8 bloody exams. Guys, just do yourself a favour and stop playing on Sims. Just open your damn book and study. Give your all now, you'll thank yourself later when you've got one success under the belt.

  •  Give yourself a break
Again, let's take a little trip down January revision memory lane. I spent most of my time revising, all that revision drained all the fun outta me and as a result I became quite depressed. What I've found in my second round is that I'm far more happier when I don't live and breathe revision. Back in January, I genuinely considered dropping out of college because I didn't see the point in anything, exams, university, jobs etc. You don't want to be in that place, it could ultimately ruin your life (melodramatic?)

  • Workout
I read an article that suggested that working out in advance before your exams could help your performance. Moreover, it's a huge stress reliever. Basically there's no downside to this. All that can happen are good things so you have no excuse. Don't try to give me the 'I don't have enough time' crap, I know you can make time!

  • Get motivated
Pretty obvious thing but it can be shocking how easy it is to forget why you're doing the exams. When I'm revising and I'm in a 'I don't give a tiny rats ass' mood, I remind myself why I'm revising and how this is going to affect my future! You can even watch people opening their results on YouTube, it seems strange but it makes you want to do well.

Those are all the ones I can think of but if you have anymore don't hesitate to post it in the comments.


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